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Federica is a young graphic designer and illustrator. Her eclecticism and roaring energy draw you into the vortex of her entertaining visual content. The user becomes addicted, the client experiences the realization of the work in a different mood: from briefing to content.

Illustration is the main voice I have found to communicate all my ideas and bring to life the worlds that have always populated my mind. Illustration for me is: entertaining myself and entertaining others.

Her stroke is not academic, it is spontaneous and at times imperfect; this gives her illustrations a slightly rough touch that sets them apart. Her style is ironic, lively, colorful, direct. All elements to be grasped at first glance.

She usually deals with topics related to everyday life or current affairs, in the case of cartoons or short stories. She passionately illustrates topics related to the world of music, beauty, food, video games and anime, which she has always loved. She also manages, with surgical lightness, to give voice to deeper and more complex topics such as feminism and the (sometimes difficult) relationship with one’s body.



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