Daria Piromalli






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Advertising, Beauty, Book, Design, Editorial, Fashion, Gif, Illustration, Lifestyle, Magazine, Packaging, Product

Daria is an Italian artist with Parisian vibes. Curious glances, real-life scenes, everyday surprises: her illustrations and characters are a concentrate of glamour and irony. With a truly chic touch, she engages us in a new hemisphere between fashion and illustration.

I like to say that I was born with a pencil in my hand. Always passionate about everything to do with drawing, I always wanted to be an illustrator and never had a plan B. Today I pursue my dream between graphic and textile design.

Her illustrations are mainly dedicated to and inspired by the female universe, which she loves to represent in a colorful, ironic, mischievous but always gentle way. She loves striped t-shirts, red, black and white, colors that indelibly characterize her illustrations. She also lets herself be enchanted by the colors of the rainbow, playing with contrasts and experimenting in order to create projects that are always fresh and full of positive energy.

Involving Daria means letting her attentive gaze and superfine taste mingle and enhance the messages to be communicated, letting the spontaneity of her character flood her creations with vibrant and eclectic liveliness and involve users with newfound lightness and carefreeness.



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