Colore G






#lineart #poetry #introspection #romanticism


Advertising, Book, Conceptual, Contemporary, Design, Editorial, Family, Gif, Illustration, Lettering, Magazine, Social Media Content

Gianluca has made introspection his great artistic theme. His stage name, Colore G, represents colors from his point of view and all the nuances contained within us.

Illustration for me is a mirror, a very introspective way of emotionally telling the world around us. Trying to materialize and give space to emotions is the best way to live and feel alive.

His stroke is surreal and minimalist in search of the essential through the subtraction of elements, seeking to enhance the subject, the key word or the concept to be told. An immediate graphic path of great emotional research of shapes and colors. He is always on the move constantly looking for new projects that allow him to discover and express what he is, what he carries inside.

He has a predilection for giving voice, graphics, to feelings. He loves to immerse himself in them, to describe them, to compare them. Everything has feeling and can be told through art. A profound experience that leaves something very important for those who make it, for those who are called to share it. Even if only on the screen of a technological device.



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