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Cheit’s art lies in being able to tell, with effective visual symbolism, emotional traumas and sometimes complex psychological problems. A peculiar ability that starts from the conception of the work and ends in the deep connection that is created with the viewer.

From the very beginning, even in my very first approaches to drawing at the age of eighteen, I felt the need and importance of recounting some personal experiences through my stroke, then moving on to themes related to mental health and the emotional sphere.

Caterina Costa, aka Cheit, is a young illustrator and cartoonist. A graduate in Illustration and Animation, her speciality is comics: her stories often speak of personal experiences and focus on the theme of mental health. Her style, which is constantly evolving, tells us about emotions (all of them, even the most embarrassing ones!) in a sincere and transparent way, with sensitivity and a gentle touch.

La sua è una narrazione minimale, diretta, spesso costruita su metafore o vignette mute nelle quali i suoi personaggi comunicano attraverso l’espressione dei volti, gli sguardi, i gesti e molto altro. Le forme morbide delle protagoniste e dei protagonisti dei racconti, in cui è costantemente presente una figura umana nella quale rispecchiarsi, sono accompagnate da una sapiente scelta di colori caldi e freddi a seconda dell’emozione tratteggiata.

Hers is a minimal, direct narrative, often built on metaphors or silent vignettes in which her characters communicate through facial expressions, looks, gestures and more. The soft forms of the protagonists of the stories, in which a human figure is constantly present in which to reflect oneself, are accompanied by a skilful choice of warm and cold colors depending on the emotion portrayed.



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