Carolina Altavilla






#colorpop #women #editorial


Beauty, Book, Business, Children's Book, Corporate, Editorial, Family, Fashion, Food, Illustration, Lifestyle, Magazine, Maps, Packaging, Product

She loves to illustrate everything that makes her think in the process, incorporate learning, investigate and learn about different perspectives. Carolina has a creative focus on diversity, lifestyle issues, fashion, innovation and a particularly important and current topic: inclusion.

I think illustration is a unique opportunity to generate critique, impact and identification.

Her stroke is expressive and dynamic, even jarring. A fresh and inclusive style that Carolina tries to maintain while working in a diverse and ever-changing context. She loves to create characters that have a strong identity in front of the world.

Her look is vibrant, colorful, exciting. It makes itself known, but always surprises. In colors she finds a great style ally: warm, cold, pastel or fluorescent, he mixes them skillfully. A selected palette that does not represent a limit to her creativity, on the contrary, it helps her to give more strength and identity to the concepts she wants to tell.



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