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Illustration & Papercut: with two words we encapsulate the artistic universe of Maurizio Santucci and Elisa Cerri’s creative duo. Bomboland’s style challenges visual perception, takes it to an unexpected level, drawing us into a true tactile dimension of illustration.

We love paper and we love illustration. The peculiarities of these two conjoined universes amplify and enhance our creativity in a simple yet complex symphony of intricate details.

Their creations are unmistakable: every fold, every ripple of paper is carefully studied to give life to scenes that take shape under the expert fingers and creative soul of this pair of artists. A true visual language capable of turning paper into a dynamic medium, which changes depending on the angle and the light.

The use of perspective is also surprising: landscapes, objects, characters, expand beyond the flat surface, creating a perceptive dimension that seems to be on the verge of leaving paper. The carefully selected color palette also adds charm and magnetism; the masterfully captured light gives an additional sense of depth and realism to these magical worlds.



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