Anara Berdy






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A dreamer with a free spirit: Anara Bardy, once a seamstress at Valentino Haute Couture, is now an illustrator with a passion for fashion and beauty. Her art is a fusion of elegance and lightness, conveying emotions and stories through drawings that tell the story of “quiet luxury“.

For me, illustration is the way of expression and the way of telling stories as I feel them. It is my way of life.

Anara’s style is characterized by a dreamy and positive atmosphere. Her characters are drawn with a calm, confident look and a Mona Lisa-like smile in fashionable and beautiful settings. In live-sketching, she creates personalized portraits with a distinctive style and a touch of fashion.

The artist finds her energy and joy in illustration but also in nature and music. She wishes to transmit her creativity to the world: her personal motto, “One must dream, work and be humble,” guides her daily determination to take on new creative challenges.



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